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Building Our Relationship

Your first visit establishes the foundation of our relationship

Your first visit establishes the foundation of our relationship

Your first visit is a time to begin establishing the foundation of our relationship. We want to know more about:

  • Your background
  • Your health history
  • Your issues and concerns

Are you looking for wellness care? Many people come to our office without a particular health complaint, and just want to better themselves. Dr. White can help with that too!

At this visit it will be important to:

  • Fill out a short health questionnaire so that we can learn more about you
  • Bring your health card and any insurance information that you have
  • Let us know if you’ve had a motor vehicle accident or a workplace injury
  • Not to worry – we’ll guide you through this

Once you arrive, you can expect to:

  • Meet Dr. White
  • Share with him a detailed health history
  • Hear if he feels you’re a candidate for chiropractic care
  • If so, undergo a comprehensive exam

Our care is fully covered by MPI, WCB and most private insurance providers, as well as partially covered by Manitoba Health.

You can expect to be in the office for a total of approximately 45 minutes on the first day.

Your Second Visit

Your second visit consists of your Report of Findings or ROF. During this Report, we will:

  • review our exam findings from the first visit
  • provide a very clear picture of your situation
  • explain chiropractic and how it pertains to you
  • discuss your treatment options
  • answer any questions you have

If we’ve determined that chiropractic can help you and you’re comfortable with things to this point, we’ll begin treatment at this visit.

Expect the second visit to take approximately 20 minutes.

A Typical Office Visit

From this point forward, visits will be much shorter.

We’ll have determined the cause of your problem and had an opportunity to discuss it. We understand that your time is valuable and we want your visits to run smoothly and be as efficient as possible, without making you feel rushed. We’ll get you out the door and back at your life quickly, but not without taking time to answer your questions and deal with concerns as they arise.

Visit us and get on the road to your health goals! Call (204) 654-1175 today.

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