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Reach Your Health Goal At Kildonan Crossing Chiropractic

Whatever your health goal may be, we’re here to help you meet it – not to tell you what it should be. Perhaps you’re interested in:

  • A pursuit of wellness
  • Maintaining a fit and active life
  • Leading a pain-free life
  • Healing from an injury

Whatever your primary concern, Transcona chiropractor Dr. Vaughn White can help you address it with skill and compassion.

It’s Never Too Late

Whether we’re the first place you’ve turned for help, or you’ve been to
multiple chiropractors and tried every other therapy and treatment under
the sun – we can help. We’re flattered that you’d choose us for your care
and we promise to listen and help with a compassionate, non-judgmental

Often patients are afraid we’ll be offended that we are the last in line
– your last ditch effort, perhaps. We look at it as an opportunity
to help those who have exhausted all other measures and are ready
to find an answer. We’ll never judge your goals or what you’ve
done before you came here.

Transcona Chiropractor is Here to Help

“The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. And the second best
time is today,” says Dr. Vaughn White, reflecting on an ancient proverb.

At Kildonan Crossing Chiropractic we hope you’ll start today in reaching to
attain your health goals. We can help.

Call (204) 654-1175 to schedule an appointment today.

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